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Colecão de roupa MOCHE x DOMINO's! Stay cheesy, come a tua pizza com 40% de desconto.

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The collection has the strong point of valuing equality, due to the fact that it is unisex. Personally I identified myself with the cut of the pieces and my favorite is the Upsidedown shirt.

Gonçalo Vilardebó | Skate

The first collection of MOCHE clothing represents quality, comfort, but mainly gender equality. It is important nowadays to transmit a message of equality, to end stereotypes and to open minds. This is a vision that I identify with and that should be normalized in future generations. 

Marta Gonçalves | Fashion

The pieces are super cute, different and have great quality. Original, comfortable and young. This is how I describe MOCHE's first collection!

Pamufa | Gaming

The collection looks amazing! They are top quality pieces, Portuguese and out of the box. 

Cardoz | Art

The first MOCHE collection has a lot of vibes and style. It is good to feel that I am involved with a brand that defends the same values ​​and lifestyle as me.

Mariana Rocha Assis | Surf

The collection has very comfortable cuts. Combining all the colors and patterns available, I can be in any mood, from being on stage or going shopping in style.

Cálculo | Music

Até 27 de novembro aproveita a Coleção DOMINO's com 40% de desconto e a Coleção Handy com 30% de desconto, ainda tens gigas de oferta por 30 dias. Se comprares um artigo de cada coleção, acumulas os Gigas, Enjoy!